Add Touch of Style and Class to Your Home Decor with the Variety of Lamp Shades

Add a touch of style and class to your with the variety of lamp shades given here, all of which are available in various materials, designs, and styles to suit a wide range of interiors.

Exotic lamp shades design decorated with butterfly

Exotic lamp shades design decorated with butterfly

A room’s charm comes primarily from its . The types and colors of lights can create different moods, for example, dim typifies a romantic ambiance. And one of the best ways to create a particular ambiance and enhance the decor of your home is by using lamp shade. A simple light can be transformed into a of home decor just by covering it with a lamp shade. These days, lamp shades are available for home décor in a vast variety of materials such as: fabric lamp shade made of rustic weaves, pleated fabrics, shantung, burlap, jute and linen; paper lamp shade made of plain as well as exotic papers, classic and translucent oiled parchments, and even eco-friendly paper.

Have a look at some of the various options lamp shades that are available in the market.

Mouth blown green glass lamp shade gallery

Mouth blown green gallery

Glass lamp shades are graceful and elegant and are typically available in antique and classic designs, although these days, manufacturers are also incorporating modern designs to suit the contemporary home decor of today. Although they can be exquisitely elegant, glass lamp shades are very fragile, a factor that must be kept in mind. Plus, it can be fairly expensive to get replacement glass lamp shades.

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Elephant style lamp shade picture

shade has been redesigned and reproduced into practically every type of function, shape, color, animal, and flower. This lamp shade is made up of several pieces of stained glass, which are soldered together with a lead or copper border around each piece of glass. shades are not meant to blend into the home décor, but stand out, because of their sheer dazzling beauty.

Colorful Antique Hanging Lamp Shade Picture

Colorful Antique Hanging Lamp Shade Picture

Antique lamp shade, made of satin, velvet, and silk, with braided and beaded fringes, and the corner covering made of lace, are beautifully elegant in an inimitable Victorian world style. Usually hand-made and custom-designed, the beaded lamp shade made in the antique style is particularly graceful.

Apart from these lamp shades, there are also floor lamp shade, table lamp shade, drum lamp shade, designer lamp shade, Western lamp shade, chandelier lamp shade, mica lamp shade, French country lamp shade…all of which are available in various designs, colors and styles to suit a wide variety of home decor.

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