Adding Beautiful Tabletop Fountains to Decorating Your Gardens

Decorating your garden with give a pleasing auditory sensation to your garden’s overall design.

Frogs Tabletop Water Fountain Table

When decorating your garden with tabletop fountains, consider your overall design concept and the time and energy it will take to maintain your fountains. A tabletop fountain may be especially pleasing when it is placed within view of windows or a seating area.

Collect tabletop fountains to place along a trail through a large garden, creating miniature “rooms” where you may stop and reflect.

Tabletop Fountains Vases Water Fountain Table

Tabletop Fountains Water Fountain Table

Many tabletop feature animals with the fountain mechanism designed to simulate a waterfall that ends in a small pool. Porcelain puppies or kitties playing in the pool might be endlessly entertaining to toddlers who come over for family cookouts; a solitary turtle might make you feel better when you join him with a cup of tea on your patio at the end of a long day.

Birds Tabletop Water Fountain Table

Birds Tabletop Water Fountain Table

With available, tabletop fountains can add understated beauty or grandeur to any room in your house. Fountains are a worthy investment even for those who hesitate to spend money on aesthetics. Beyond eye-catching appeal, you’ll find that fountains have practical health benefits.

Birds Tabletop Water Fountain Table

Birds Tabletop Water Fountain Table

You can find a tabletop fountains to compliment your current decorative choices. Far more interesting than a table lamp and more appealing than a decorative candle holder, these conveniently sized fountains eliminate the mundane. Easy to set up and even easier to maintain, space saving compact designs come in layered slate, , handcrafted wood, or any other material you desire.

Tabletop Fountains

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