Amazing Sleigh Beds which You Can Use for Single Size Beds and Kids Beds

Americans loved the look of sleigh beds and first began to modify the design in the early 19th century.

Luxury black leather sleigh bed design

Sleigh beds refer to bed frames that have a characterized by an outward curl at the top of each end. Sleigh bed somewhat resemble a sleigh, hence their name. Though sleigh bed can be made in different , they are typically made of carved wood. The more expensive of sleigh bed may feature hand carved curls.

Generally sleigh beds would have been made for a single person and might have been used as or as child’s beds.

Modern wooden sleigh bed ideas

Early sleigh beds might curl either inward or outward. Today’s versions often stress the outward curl as it is considered more comfortable, and one doesn’t hit one’s head on the curl if one quickly sits up in bed. In fact some variants of modern sleigh bed do not even feature a curled headboard. Instead they offer a flat headboard and a curled footboard.

master bedroom luxury sleigh bed with wooden night tables ideas

Some modern sleigh beds may also be covered in leather as “reinvent” sleigh bed trends. Though designers first became re-interested in sleigh bed in the 1990s, they are now popular throughout the US. Much of this is attributed to the many magazines and television shows that focus on interior design.

Hamilton Mahogany Sleigh Bed Picture

If choosing a sleigh bed for one’s bedroom, be aware that the outward curl at the top of the headboard will require a little additional space. The headboard will not be flush with the wall as it would be with a flat headboard design. If one is limited as to space, one can choose from a variety of flat headboard sleigh beds that still showcase the beautiful curl on the footboard.

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Sleigh Beds