Basement Bar Design – Popular Bars Used in Household

– When given a lot of attention, your basement can become one of the favorite places in your home. Basements make great recreational and entertainment facilities. If this is what you’ve been planning your basement, this article is for you.

Start with an idea of the basement bar design to transform the room into something more pleasant to stay. There are so many that you might find. Here is a list of descriptions of bars that are commonly used in households:

Popular Basement Bar Design

Basement Bar Design

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1. Design for a . As the name suggests, the design of the basement bar design is the simplest of all. It looks like a reception in hotel lobbies. The difference is its characteristics and features. As a typical bar has a small space to the top of the sink, a footrest on the stool, a surface trough that mix drinks, a guide arm, and a space for cooling or reference. The width of this type of bar can vary from 6 feet (or less) and up to 10 or maybe more. Make sure that when you design, it is considering measures correctly.

2. L-Shaped Bar. This is a design of the basement bar design in the shape of the letter L. There is no difference in the materials used and its characteristics are the same as the standard straight bar. In a word, the big notable difference is its design. Your friends can also enjoy a conversation while sitting in this bar because the distance from other places is closer. Again the measurements vary depending on the size of the cellar, but lengths are generally symmetrical.
3. Kegger Bar. This is one of the design of the common use bar. Its design is in the form of two joint L type bar right in the middle. Top view, usually appears as a third of a square is cut and used. The basement of the Design Bar hosts a perfect space for the refrigerator and a keg of beer.

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4. The Monster bar. It’s a huge bar that can accommodate many places, a great area for drinking area, equipped with a keg and beer gutter and all other basic characteristics of the bar. Consider the basement bar design of reason as a combination of L-form and kegger but much larger. A bar card may also be designed in the form of the letter U.

5. . If you plan to bring your basement bar design elsewhere in the house, maybe that’s what you want. Ground rods are usually huge and so robust weight can be a major concern. And considering that basements have low clearance for the head, you may have some difficulty moving a bar. The portable bar can be dismantled. That’s what makes it unique. Probably the latest innovation in the basement bar design.

Bar designs are not limited to these five along. There are no limits to design a basement bar. You can also design a unique, alone. You just have to know the characteristics common to a bar, functionality and usability, magazines, etc. What makes a pleasant bar basement outside drinks is a good conversation with friends. Align your design to light. Whether you are buying or building one, having as a guide definitely gives your home a cozy basement and welcoming.

Picture of Basement Bar Design

Basement Bar Design

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Basement Bar Design

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Basement Bar Design

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