Basic Knowledge You Need to Understand about Fitted Bedrooms

So, you’re thinking of purchasing new fitted bedrooms. Hopefully this post will help you through this decision.

Fitted bedroom inspiration picture

Fitted bedroom inspiration picture

Basically there are two forms of bedroom installation, these are free standing / kit and fully fitted. Freestanding & Kit form bedroom is usually made up of various components that makeup a box with matching doors and accessories. Fully fitted bedrooms fall into a different category completely. A fully fitted wardrobe is a product which is purposefully built for your bedroom and installed to suit your walls and ceiling.

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Beware as ripping out fully fitted bedrooms can leave a terrible mess and lots of holes. Only trained fitters should attempt this. Otherwise your costs will spiral more than you think. Holes in walls equal’s plasterers and builders and these guys aren’t cheap and take time to convince to do your job as they are usually very busy on large jobs.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture Sets Birch Paris Pale Cream Ash Interior

Fitted Bedroom Furniture Sets Birch Paris Pale Cream Ash Interior

The makeup of fitted bedrooms is usually very similar whoever you purchase this from. Usually it’s either a front frame face fixed system or a box system / slim frame system.  A front frame face fixed system is always fastened from the floor to the ceiling unless specified. A fitter will assemble a frame which is fastened and scribed to suit your usually bumpy walls and ceiling.

Brisbane Medium Walnut Goscote Fitted Bedroom Design

Brisbane Medium Walnut Goscote Fitted

If you decide to have a home visit from a bedroom company then make sure you ask the right questions of the furniture designer. Ask if it’s possible to visit a recent installation as this would provide you with an idea of their quality, ask how long the installation will take as sometimes jobs go on forever, ask if you can visit their workshop – don’t just go off their showroom as showrooms are always made to impress, ask how many jobs they install a week as you really want to deal with somebody that’s specializes in fitted bedrooms.

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