Bathroom Vanity: Step By Step Guide For Installing New Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity – Replacing your bathroom vanity is a great way to revive your bathroom without undertaking a major renovation project. Now that you have purchased your bathroom vanity, or if you went to high-end decorating your bathroom vanity furniture, how to install?

Bathroom Vanity

Seville Single Sink Console Contemporary by Pottery Barn

Below I describe the step by step process to successfully remove your old vanity and replace it with the new bathroom vanity.

  • It is important to do what the water lines are turned off and the power lines are disconnected before starting. Use a bucket to collect water from the supply line and p-trap when they are separated from the sink. Loosen and remove the p-trap (the central portion of the curved tube).
  • Use a knife to loosen caulk that might be between the bathroom vanity and wall. Gently shake the bathroom vanities to loosen and remove without damaging the wall.
  • Use a screwdriver to carefully remove all the screws that secure the bathroom vanity wall. Once removed, remove the old bathroom vanity and move it from the road.
  • Depending on the state of the sink to the ground and against, when you replace the bathroom vanity, you can reuse the existing work plan or replace the sink and countertop to match the new.
  • Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs that will be used to anchor the new bathroom vanity and mark with a pencil. Slightly higher fingerprints sink so that they are easily visible.
  • Place the bathroom vanity and make sure that it is against the wall (s). Use shims (if necessary) and a carpenter’s level to assist in the implementation and make sure the bathroom is always vanity.
  • Locate the wall studs and drive 2-1 / 2 “wall screws to anchor the vanity to the wall. If you have trouble finding the wall studs, make sure to use the ankles or drywall, use special plugs.
  • You may want to consider adding a new faucet to match the new bathroom vanity, sink and floor. If you decide on a new style, be sure to install the new faucet before installing the new top of the vanity.
  • Apply tub and tile caulk to secure the top of the vanity to vanity. Counter position on the vanity.
  • Reconnect the plumbing. Start by replacing the p-trap – it only costs a few dollars more. Investing in Teflon tape to facilitate networking and seal the joints.
  • Connect the power supply lines to the water source and turn water back.
  • Carefully apply a thin line of caulk around all the edges of the ceiling.
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Bathroom Vanity Pictures

Bathroom Vanity

Xylem Bath Vanity – Traditional – Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles – houston – by Westheimer Plumbing & Hardware

Bathroom Vanity

White marble vanity top double sink traditional bathroom floor ideas

Bathroom Vanity Installation

Weathered Oak Double Washstand Traditional Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles by Restoration Hardware

Bathroom Vanity

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Bathroom Vanity

72″ Double Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity And Sink Consoles miami by BATHROOM PLACE