Beautify the Entrance to Your Garden with Installing Garden Arches

Garden arches are structures made of wood, metal, and occasionally stone that often serves to mark the entrance to an outdoor or a garden path.

Elegant wood garden arch arbor gallery

garden arch arbor gallery

In some cases, garden arches are set up in the center of a garden in order to create a focal point. This may be done for aesthetic purposes or for an event such as a wedding or outdoor musical performance. When garden arch is used as an entrance to a garden, it is usually a simple , but there are cases in which the arch has built-in gates that swing open to allow people through. There are a number of garden arch designs that vary quite a bit in the types of materials that are used and the overall style of the .

In the most classic examples, garden arches have two straight sections on both side and gently curved arch that tops the structure.

Exotic wooden garden arch ideas

Exotic wooden garden arch ideas

There are variations that include a flat-top section, a top that resembles a pitched roof, and a top that is curved to form a very severe arch. There are some cases in which the top section of a garden arch is formed to resemble the roofs that are associated with classic . The choice of the shape and style of garden arches is usually directly connected with the overall aesthetic goals of the owner of the garden.

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Cumulus Garden Arch Designs

When garden arches is installed in outdoor space, it is usually meant to be a permanent structure. This is especially true of arches that are made of stone and in the cases that the arch is meant to support the . There are some companies that rent out structures like garden arches to be used during outdoor events and ceremonies. These kinds of garden arches are designed so that they can be easily assembled and easily broken down and removed from the site.

Cool Metal Garden Arbors and Arches Design Ideas

Cool Metal Garden Arbors and Arches Design Ideas

There are even garden arches that are made of impermanent materials. Outdoor summer weddings, for example, sometimes use garden arch made of balloons to mark the aisle. There have even been cases in which arches have been made out of ice for winter events.

Garden Arches