Best Shoe Storage Solutions to Remove the Clutter in Many Areas of Your Home

There are creative shoe storage solutions that can be used to remove the clutter in many areas of the .

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Dividing and stowing away off-season can be a for individuals who live in areas with weather fluctuations. Shoe storage solutions will sometimes call for some creativity, however, as there are unconventional areas in the home that can be used to store shoes. For example, an old, unused drawer can double as a place to stow away , or some forgotten shelves and cabinets can be used, especially in an attic or basement.

The entryway to the home is another place where shoe storage solutions can be implemented.

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Shelves are a good way to prevent shoes from occupying floor space. Installing shelves onto the walls of a bedroom closet will keep things tidy and sanitary. If worried about dust, then installing cubicles instead of shelves will shield the shoes. There are also specialized shelving units that incorporate pull-down hatches that can be used to keep shoes dust-free and contained until the next season.

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The space inside of a closet can also be used as shoe storage solutions by installing cubicles for easy organization or using a hanging organizer. There are number of specialized shelving units designed specifically for storing shoes and they can generally be found at your local or online. Closet systems often include a variety of options for shoe storage as well.

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If there is no room in the closet, then using products designed for storage underneath the bed can be other shoe storage solutions. Another option to create more storage space is to put your bed on risers, which will allow more clearance beneath. There are also individual storage boxes that can be used for shoes, or keeping the shoes in their original boxes for storage can also keep them neat and clean.

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Shoe Storage Solutions