Best Tips on How to Decorating Teenage Girls Room in Feminine Style

One of the best tips for decorating Teenage Girls Room is to take steps to ensure the room is a reflection of the teen’s personality.

Teenage Girls Room

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Color choices, patterns and designs should all reflect the teen’s own sense of style. A Teenage Girls Room needs plenty of shelf space to display photos, mementos and other treasures the teen has collected. Controlling clutter is another key factor in designing a teenage girl’s room, as for shoes, clothes and accessories is a must. As teens tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms socializing and studying, comfortable seating areas should be incorporated into their rooms.

Paint, carpet and lighting all play key roles in decorating teenage girls room.

Whether solid or patterns, paint can be used to repeat various patterns in the room’s decor, such as polka dots on a bed spread. Carpet and rugs can be mixed and matched to create dramatic effects, such as using long shag rugs or brightly-colored pattern rugs on top of the carpet. Lighting can set the tone of the room, from crystal-laden chandeliers for a sophisticated room to square, stainless steel for a more modern effect.

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The color pallet of a Teenage Girls Room should set the right tone for the look trying to be achieved. While a sassy style will feature bold and brilliant colors such as lime green and fuchsia, a may tend to use more black and white options with hints of color. The colors selected for a teenage girls room can also reflect her hobbies and interests, such as team colors for a sports team or for a surfing enthusiast.

A teenage girls room serves more purposes than simply a place to sleep. It is a place to socialize and study, as well as a place of refuge from the rest of the world. Furniture selection should include extra seating, which can be as simple as bean bag chairs or a padded bench, or as sophisticated as window sill seating or chairs suspended from the ceiling. Art and accessories are keys in decorating a teenage girl’s room and the items should reflect who she is and what she’s interested in.

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