Best Tips to Help You Choose the Best Backyard Fountain

A Backyard Fountain can serve as a focal point in your , quickly turning an ordinary backyard into an oasis.

Backyard Fountain

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Choosing a Backyard Fountain begins by determining the size and style of fountain you desire. Other considerations include the weight of the fountain, access to your backyard and availability of electricity to power the fountain.

If you are short on space or would like your fountain to be placed against a wall or fence in your backyard, choose a wall-style fountain. These are fountains with a flat back, and they can be placed on the ground, feature a base to add height or be hung from a wall or fence. They typically have a water spout near the top that fills a small bowl, which overflows into a medium bowl beneath, and then overflows into the larger bottom bowl. This water is then recirculated back to the water spout at the top. For added flair, choose a fountain with a lion’s head, Buddha mask or cherubs “pouring” the water.

Choose a Backyard Fountain that reflects your personal style.

Animal lovers can select a fountain adorned with grizzly bears, elephants or racoons. Fountains featuring children with watering buckets, couples embracing or a miner panning for gold are also available. For a modern effect, choose a backyard fountain that is made from simple shapes, such as spheres and rectangles, with smooth lines. For a classic look, choose an ornamental fountain with scrolls, carvings and classic curves.

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The finish on your backyard fountain can also work to create a specific style. For a modern look, choose a sleek finish in a metal-tone color, such as brushed stainless steel. For a more vintage look, choose a speckled or multicolored finish in shades of browns, grays or greens. A white finish adds a look of elegance and formality to a fountain and its surroundings.

Access to power is another factor to consider when selecting a backyard fountain. Most fountains can simply be plugged into an electrical outlet. For larger yards without convenient electrical access, a solar-powered fountain may be the preferred choice. The fountain’s solar panels are typically separate from the fountain and need to be positioned where they will receive full sunlight. This ability enables even a to be positioned in a shaded area.

When purchasing a backyard fountain, consider how and where it will be placed in your yard. A backyard fountain can be very large or very small and just about every size in between. From small, table top fountains to larger, mufti-tiered fountains, the materials they are made from, such as resin or cement, vary in weight and durability. A cement backyard fountain can be very heavy, but depending on its size, it may not be a factor for setup. If a delivery truck will need to access your backyard to drop off your fountain, be sure you have adequate access for a truck.

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Backyard Fountain