Building Garden Rooms As Alternative Substitutes From Conservatory

The garden rooms are a new idea, but in actual fact they’ve been around for some time.

Bright and Fresh Green Garden Room Conversatory Design

Bright and Fresh Green Garden Room

The essential difference to a conservatory is that the garden room has a solid roof rather than one made from glass or transparent plastic. The benefit of natural light is retained in garden rooms, but this is provided through large glass windows and a glass gable front.

Sometimes the term garden rooms are used to describe a free-standing building located literally in the garden.

portland garden room design

One of the advantages of garden rooms over a conservatory is that it will not become so hot in the summer, a common problem for south-facing conservatories. In such cases many people find that after their first good summer they need to either install blinds in their conservatory or have air-conditioning fitted. This demands both added expense and another task to perform when you probably just want to sit and enjoy looking out onto your garden. The solid roof of garden rooms instead of a glass one can provide a balance of natural light over too much heat.

conservatory garden room design ideas

room design ideas

For many people a conservatory roof renders the extension as one that will always look like a ‘bolt-on’ addition. This is particularly true for more traditional homes, where the modern conservatory clashes with the classic feel of the existing building. The glass roof is often the culprit for this clash of old and new. Garden rooms can provide a solution here, if a matching is used then the new and old can be blended so that after a little weathering the extension looks like it ‘belongs’ where it is.

luxury garden rooms classic furniture ideas

luxury garden rooms ideas

Garden Rooms

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