Column Showers: The Most Efficient Type of Commercial Industrial Shower to Integrate Into Warehouse Designs

Column showers will save a warehouse a great deal of space regardless of how they are installed.

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Space is a major consideration in warehouse design. Because the majority of the floor plan must be devoted to shipping, receiving, and storage, other must be smaller. Any space devoted to has to use only a marginal amount of the overall available area to be truly efficient for the organization.

Column showers do this better than any other type of industrial shower.

The simple design of column showers allows it to be mounted in several different ways. One method is to install the showers in the center of an appropriately sized room that is devoted exclusively to men or women’s showers. The shower heads deliver water between individual stalls created by partitions that divide the single unit into a multiple user facility.

In other situations, however, it may be more convenient to mount column showers in restrooms. This involves running a column up an available portion of the wall and connecting it to a water source. Three shower heads per column can then service three employees. Again, can be placed between the shower heads to create shower stalls.

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In smaller warehouse designs, this may be a much more practical way to mount column showers because it does not require the dedication of a separate shower room. It is also easier to add showers to existing restrooms during a remodel than it is to take out a portion of the floor to pipe water in from below.

Column Showers

shower column is sleek and cool in stainless steel

shower column is sleek and cool in stainless steel

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