Coordinating Finishes Hardware with Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets have become an increasingly popular trend over the last few years.

Exotic Modern Black Kitchen Cabinet Gallery

Exotic Modern Black Kitchen Cabinet Gallery

It can be a very sleek and sophisticated look, but only if you do it right. Too many people decide they want black kitchen cabinets with no plan on how to coordinate finishes so the kitchen does not become too dark. However, with some simple finish choices, you can keep your black kitchen cabinets from overwhelming your space without it seeming too cookie cutter.

When you are working with black kitchen cabinets, avoid choosing as it will only blend in.

Stylish black kitchen cabinet images

Black kitchen cabinets can be very overpowering in a room if you do not balance them with lighter finishes elsewhere. That is why when you are choosing kitchen counters, it is best to keep them light. That does not necessarily mean you have to go with white or tan unless you want to. Other color options can be light blue, green or even a depending on the look you are going for. So long as the counters do not further darken the room and you like the way it looks, it is a good choice.

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contemporary modern black kitchen cabinet design

contemporary modern black kitchen cabinet design

When it comes to lighting in a kitchen with black cabinets you have two choices of what to match: the cabinets or the hardware. When you want the lighting to feel subtle, it is best to choose a black finish so it blends in with cabinets. If you would prefer your lighting to make more of a statement, choose light fixtures in the same finish as your hardware. This will allow them to by contrasting the cabinetry while still feeling part of the design because it is a color that will be repeated.

So when you are remodeling your kitchen with black kitchen cabinets, there is no reason to fear it looking too dark if you follow these steps. Just remember to add accessories to your kitchen that will put your personal touch on it. The end result should be a sleek design that is as unique as you are but still visually pleasing to those you entertain.

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