Create Desired Casual and Friendly Look In Your Contemporary Rooms Using Bridgewater Sofas

Bridgewater sofas are a style of sofa which tends to look very casual, yet comfortable.

Create Desired Casual and Friendly Look In Your Contemporary Rooms Using Bridgewater Sofas

Blue Bridgewater Sofa Models

Many contemporary home designers use Bridgewater sofas to create a desired casual, friendly look in their rooms. Most furniture stores carry several basic sofas in the Bridgewater style, and it is typically possible to order more if desired. You can also find Bridgewater sofas at antique and thrift stores, although these used sofas may require some work before they are serviceable.

In a , Bridgewater sofas are designed to be covered with a which fits under the seating and back cushions.

White bridgewater sofa design

White bridgewater

Several features distinguish a Bridgewater sofa. The first two are the comparatively low arms and high back, which give the sofa a very casual appearance. Most Bridgewater sofas also have a skirt which conceals their feet, and they have loose seat and back cushions which are typically heavily padded for make lounging more comfortable. Many are designed to seat three people comfortably, and they often have two large seat cushions.

Classic designed Bridgewater styled sofa with mohair fabric design

Classic designed Bridgewater styled sofa with mohair

Depending on how Bridgewater sofas are styled, it can be casual or more formal. The use of unique textiles and throw can also contribute to a desired overall look. This style of sofa can be paired with a variety of chairs, ranging from classic armchairs to more modern and sleek slipper chairs, depending on the that one is going for.

Classic Bridgewater sofas design

Classic Bridgewater sofas design

Like other sofas, Bridgewater sofas typically have springs to make the seating more comfortable. If you are purchasing a used sofa, you may want to test the springs out to ensure that they are in good shape when you check on the condition of the sofa, as a single protruding spring can cause extreme discomfort. It is also a good idea to look for a sofa with removable slipcovers, allowing you to wash the covering for the sofa periodically to remove stains, pet dander, and any other materials which may have accumulated.

Bridgewater Sofas

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