Create Secondary Seating Area for Reading Using Accent Chairs

are chairs that are placed strategically in room to provide additional seating.

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Accent chairs can come in just about any design that can be imagined. The chair may be simple straight-back chair with arms, such as rocking chair. Accent chairs can also be larger piece, such as chaise lounge. The idea is to have the chairs work in conjunction with the rest of the furniture in the room so the overall look is harmonious even while the space is given additional purpose or function.

A good example of the use of accent chairs would be in large .

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By placing one or two chairs in corner or under window in the room, it is possible to create secondary seating area where two people could carry on , or where one or two people could settle in with good book. Thus with the use of accent chairs, the room can easily accommodate more than one function.

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The use of accent chair to multipurpose room is very common. In addition to secondary seating in living room, chaise lounges are often placed in bedrooms to provide comfortable and relaxing seating. Grouping two accent chairs with table in corner of den creates great area for cards and board games, while the main seating in the room is grouped around television. Comfortable chair tucked into corner with lamp and small side table makes great reading area.

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One of the important factors to keep in mind with accent chairs is that the furniture must work in harmony with the rest of the room. That means the color, texture and general design of the chair must be in harmony with other furnishings and present in the room. The idea is to use the chair to expand the function of the room while still obviously being intentional part of the overall look.

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