Create the Illusion of Extending the Horizon Using Infinity Swimming Pool

Infinity swimming pool, sometimes called negative edge pool, is swimming pool that has been constructed with the illusion of extending all the way to the horizon.

Infinity Swimming Pool

Amazing infinity pool models

From the right perspective, the infinity pool seems to stretch on endlessly, and contractors often place the pool strategically so that it appears to merge with a larger body of water, like the ocean. This eye catching pool design started to catch on in the 1990s, and was adopted by many luxury resorts, which tout their infinity pools in brochures and other promotional material.

Some luxury homeowners may choose to install Infinity Swimming Pool as well.

Ocean view infinity pool ideas

When installing infinity pool, caution should be taken. The infinite edge of the pool will draw the eye of the observer, so it is important to make sure that there is something beautiful beyond it, rather than the neighbor’s house, privacy , or empty lot. In general, infinity pool is best suited to a sweeping natural landscape like the ocean, sky, or mountains. On smaller lot, the builder may want to consider cooperating with the to create pleasing backdrop for the infinity pool.

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infinity edge pool design

The cost to install infinity swimming pool is higher than that for conventional pool; although some pool companies are have developed standardized infinity to make them more accessible to average consumers. Custom pools can vary widely in size from extremely large irregularly shaped pools to much smaller rooftop infinity pools in urban areas. Some contractors have also installed infinity pools indoors, mostly at large resorts and hotels. People who are interested in experiencing infinity pool might want to look into and hotels, which often incorporate infinity pools into their designs.

Infinity Swimming Pool

Cool Infinity Pool