Creating Unique Western Home Decor Ideas Using Southwest Bedding

Inexpensive southwest bedding is the way to go when it comes to decorating a rustic style home, cabin or lodge.

Southwest Style Bedding and Western Bedspreads Design

Bedding and Western Bedspreads Design

Most people believe that the blankets and throws they commonly use for southwest bedding were originally made by Native Indians. Although American Indians were the main inspiration behind the designs and production of , they were not the ones who made them. In fact, as you research the intriguing history of , you will discover that they were actually made by machines, and produced by large weaving companies for the sole purpose of supplying the Indians with needed blankets.

Now days, you can easily buy southwest bedding online and in stores that sell western and .

Yukon Southwest Style Bedding Gallery

Yukon Southwest Style Bedding Gallery

Whether used as a western bedspread, blanket or bed throw, southwest bedding will add great character to your home and decor. If you are looking for authenticity and traditional American and are searching for a great way to enhance in your rustic home decor, then you will definitely love owning and decorating with southwest bedding.

San Miguel Southwest Bedding Design

San Miguel Southwest Bedding Design

Something you will also find interesting as you study the history of trade blankets to use as southwest is that as women became more interested in home decorating in the early 1900’s, southwest decor and western designs rose in popularity. These “Indian blankets” as they came to be called, were sought after by people across the nation who wanted them for southwest bedding and as decorative couch or chair covers to accent Native American home decor.

Cimarron Southwest Bed Set King Size

The Indian trade blankets were wonderful for covering exposed legs when riding on a wagon, sleigh or buggy, and in the new horseless carriages. Later on, they were used as throws for camping, sporting events and a new hobby called motoring.

Southwest Bedding

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