Decorating Your Kitchen with Attractive Backsplash Murals to Increase the Appeal Looks

Here, one of beautiful backsplash murals picture that you can use to decorating your kitchen.

vineyard backsplash mural

Normally located in kitchen, backsplash murals are placed over stove or sink and are designed to prevent oil splatter and heat from damaging or permanently staining wall paper or . Most commonly created by patterning or painting on ceramic or glass tiles, backsplash mural may be installed by contractor or homeowner. Backsplashes not only serve functional purpose, they are also often designed as a focal point of the room when decorating.

For the home decorator, backsplash murals are also an easy, though often times consuming, do it yourself project.

Sunset over Tuscany backsplash mural picture

Sunset over Tuscany backsplash mural picture

are the most common material used for backsplash murals. They are generally found in 6 inch (15.24 cm) , but can also vary in size. Multicolored tiles many be arranged in mural pattern, or tiles may come with designs or drawings already on them. Murals depicting Tuscan or African designs are often popular, but any design is possible.

Nice kitchen tile backsplash mural picture

Nice kitchen tile backsplash mural picture

Mosaic glass tiles are another option for backsplash murals. These multicolored tiles are placed in patterns to create type of mural. When installing as a home project, one advantage of mosaic glass tiles is that mistakes in the design are not immediately obvious in the .

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When choosing backsplash murals, the space available and the design scheme of the rest of the room should always been taken into consideration. Murals should match the colors and theme of the kitchen as a whole. For example, if a kitchen’s decor appears very rustic, mosaic glass tiles are probably not the best option since the modern feel of mosaic glass does not mesh with the warm, woody feeling of a rustic atmosphere.

Backsplash Murals