Decorative Antler Lamps Designs to Change Your Home Interior Decor

Antler lamps are an excellent way to create western decor.

Griffin Bow Hunts Antler Lamp Images

Griffin Bow Hunts Antler Lamp Images

Much more than a way to light your home, antler lamps add charm to your room. If you have a mountain cabin or , the wonderful charm of antlers with their unusual shapes and variations in natural color will give your area the unique western style you desire.

Antler lamps have a unique quality about them that definitely creates rustic beauty in any environment.

Whitetail antler lamp with shade design

Whitetail antler lamp with shade design

Ranch style home owners as well as those constructing have used antler lamp for decades as the must have rustic lighting to enhance their ranch style home look. Because of the of antler lamps and chandeliers there is a rustic beauty in the antlers themselves that wonderfully accompanies any variety of . There is something special about antler lamp that pulls every element together and gives off a sophisticated country feel in the room.

Cool Custom Deer Antler Lamp Picture

There are different techniques for making the antler lamps themselves. Some lamp makers use glue to hold the antlers together. Others may join them together with rawhide thong for a western look. And some of the most attractive antler lamp may use a combination of glue, screws and lacing, with the holes closed up for a natural look. Better will almost always include rawhide lamp shades.

3 whitetail deer antler lamps models

3 whitetail deer

Each antler is a little different than any other, so each antler lamp is a unique treasure and is absolutely fabulous for western lighting. Try antler lamps with rawhide lamp shades in your home to create true rustic charm and to give it that warm, inviting look and feel that everybody loves.

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