Designing French Country Decorating Style for Your Living Room

The French country decorating style is a rustic and charming choice for a living room interior.

The farmhouses and cottages in the French countryside inspire the style. The colors used for a come from hills and fields of the area. A French country living room is a stylish and chic way to create a country atmosphere.

French country traditional living room decor

French country traditional

Tables, such as end tables and coffee tables, for a French country living room should be constructed of wood with a distressed finish. Pieces with metal and glass are common choices for this decorating style. Use wrought iron with an antique appearance for metal furnishings in the room. Polished chrome is too modern for the interior French country decor design. The style is very forgiving and allows you to mix and match pieces such as armchairs and accent chairs in .

Luxurious french country interior living room furniture and decorations

Luxurious french country interior living room furniture and decorations

Choose powder blue, yellow, and cream for your French country color palette. Distressed blue on wood furnishings creates the charming look of a country farmhouse in France. Use cream on the walls, and accent with and blue. Upholstery in blue and white is a classic . Pale green for the walls is another traditional way to use the in your living room.

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French Country Living Room Decor Gallery

Painted wood shutters installed on the living room walls enhance the French country look in your room. Choose ceramic pieces for tabletops and mantels in the living room. A blue and white porcelain vase with dried flowers is an example of French country decorating. Crown molding, crystal chandeliers and floral paintings also accent the French country living room.

French country interior living room decor design

French country interior living room decor design

Select a variety of white and blue or red plates of different sizes for display in your French country decor in living room. The differing sizes lend more visual interest to the display. If you have china plates in storage or sitting in a cabinet, utilize them in the living room. Purchase plate hangers and hang the plates on a wall.

French Country Decor