Discover the Best Method to Paint Laminate Countertops

You can always paint laminate with different colors and shades to give a fresh and modern look to your kitchen.

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Laminate countertops are one of the simplest and cheapest options for . They are very easy to clean and maintain. However, using them for several years, make them appear a little dull and worn out. There is no need to worry, as they can be easily painted to give a completely fresh and clean look to your kitchen without spending much. Many still doubt the possibility of laminate countertops successfully, but this can be easily done and you can do it yourself at home. It is very important to prepare and clean the countertops properly before them.

Here are a few tips to paint laminate countertops.

Laminate Countertop Kitchen Designs

The best method to paint laminate countertops begins with proper cleaning. You can use an ammonia-based mild cleaner for cleaning them. For removing sticky grease, a degreaser product can be applied. Follow it with an alcohol wash, to completely remove the oil and stains from the surface. After cleaning, dry the countertops thoroughly, with paper towels.

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For painting your laminate countertops, you can use either an oil-based or a water-based paint. The best method to paint laminate countertops is to choose a color that resembles the color and pattern of your flooring, wall and . If you use your kitchen countertops directly for preparing food, then it is advisable to use a water-based paint. Oil-based paints can contain certain , which may come in contact with the food. For painting the countertops, it is usually suffices to apply 2 or 3 coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next one.

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It will take some time before you can use your kitchen again. However, you will definitely not repent your decision after observing that these newly paint laminate countertops have completely altered the look of your kitchen. Remember, it is equally important to keep these laminate countertops clean from dust and stains, so that they can retain their lustrous shine for a long time.

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