Dress Up Your Space by Adding Beaded Pillows which Arranged in Group

Beaded pillows are decorative pillows that feature often elaborate designs on the pillow facing, constructed with the use of beads.

Beautiful Pearl Beaded Ring Pillow

There is no one right way to design beaded pillows. Some designs make use of only a small amount of beadwork, such as a design in the middle of the pillow coupled with beaded trim. Other designs call for that basically create an image on the face of the pillow. The choice of beaded accent pillows is normally dictated by the d├ęcor of the space and the personal tastes of the person occupying the room.

Beaded pillows are normally considered to be decorating accents only and are not intended for practical use.

Beaded Pillow Gallery

While traditional beaded pillows were prepared by sewing each bead into place that is not always the case today. The use of fabric glue is common with the mass production of some types of beaded pillows. However, even when the pillow does feature beadwork that is sewn into place, care must be taken when cleaning the pillow cover.

Pink Sari Beaded Pillow Picture

A pillow with beads is often considered a great way to dress up a space. For example, beaded pillows arranged in groups of three or five on a bed add a bit of to the room during the day. A of this type may be placed in an accent chair that has but is not used for seating. The pillows may be arranged on a as a way of dressing up the area and make the space more inviting.

Coral Beaded Pillow Ideas

Beaded pillows should not be placed into any type of washing machine. Even using cold water and the gentle cycle, there is still a good chance that some of the beads will disengage from the facing. This not only destroys the look of the pillow, but also could lead to problems with the washer at a later date.

Beaded Pillows

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