Easy Tips to Choose the Best Vanity Countertop

Several options exist for materials used to make vanity countertop, so it can be somewhat difficult to choose the materials that are best for you.

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The biggest determining factor is likely to be cost, and some materials are quite bit more expensive than others. are the two most expensive options for vanity countertop, though they tend to be exceptionally beautiful and durable. Laminates are usually the least expensive option and are therefore most often used in , but the look of laminate may not be as attractive as other options.

Aesthetics are, of course, important when choosing vanity countertop, but so is durability.

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Wood is an option, but it is important to remember that all types of woods can be susceptible to water damage, which is likely to be an issue in bathroom space. Other materials are better suited to this space because they will resist water damage. , for example, can be very beautiful and resistant to water damage, but it is important to choose that will resist water damage and molding, as the channels between tiles can be susceptible to such problems.

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Solid surface countertops are made from an acrylic resin that is sometimes combined with other materials for enhanced aesthetics. Choosing this type of vanity countertop is certainly not the cheapest option, but it may be one of the best options in terms of strength, maintenance, and . Acrylic resin is resistant to water damage, easy to clean, attractive, and not as expensive as stone countertops such as marble or granite. This type of vanity countertop can be susceptible to burning, though the countertop can be repaired fairly easily if the burn is minor. Heavy impacts can also crack such countertops, but this is unlikely in bathroom setting.

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Marble is great choice for vanity countertop because it is strong and attractive. Two major drawbacks do exist, however: marble is likely to be exceptionally expensive, and it can stain very easily. If the marble stains, there is no quick fix for it. Granite, too, is great choice because it is strong and attractive, but it, too, is very expensive. It resists staining better than marble, though some types of oils can discolor the stone, especially if the granite is unsealed. Both types of stone will be more difficult to install as well because the countertops can be very heavy and must be pre-cut.

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