Excellent Ideas to Help You Decorating Home Wet Bars

wet bars include choosing a theme or style and then following that vision through for cohesive look.

Elegant decoration home wet bars design

Elegant decoration home wet bars design

Neon or other signs hung behind the home wet bar can make it look more like an actual bar. You can take your color scheme from the signs even if it is non-specific such as pastels or bright. If you don’t like the fabric and/or color of your bar stool seats, it’s pretty easy to stretch new fabric over the old and secure it under the chair with a staple gun. For extra comfortable seating, add a layer of foam before stapling.

Here, we give you other idea to decorating home wet bars.

Home wet ideas

A mirror or mirror tiles around the bar area can look great and make the space seem larger. Long glass shelves with a mirror behind them are one of the best decorating home wet bars as they look spacious and can hold a lot of items as well. Glass door fronts on cupboards can also give the illusion of more space. Racks that hold can be attached to the bottom of cupboards to save cupboard space.

Exotic home wet bar decor design

Exotic home wet bar

You may want to add some small appliances to your decorating home wet bars. Try to keep the colors and shapes of appliances such as blenders in keeping with your decorating theme. Mini dishwashers are great to have for washing glasses and a with a freezer can allow you to have a steady supply of ice for drinks.

Decoration home wet bar pictures

Decoration home wet bar pictures

Don’t ignore lighting. You want to be able to see what you’re mixing! Lighting should blend in with your mood and theme. If you’re considering what shape of bar to use, don’t limit yourself to a rectangular shaped bar. Great decorating home wet bars can include a semi-circular or other shape of bar.

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