Excellent Tips when Building Small Basement Bathroom

Thinking of building small bathroom in your basement? Then you’ll need some ideas.

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The idea of having bathroom fixed in your basement is getting more and more popular these days. Reason? Growing families, ergo growing needs. Think about it. Are you having trouble every morning? Lining up in front of the bath and having to wait your turn? Or why is it that when you need to have leisurely bath and soak in the tub, someone is using the same tub to bathe the family dog?! Wouldn’t it be great if there magically appeared beautiful bathroom from somewhere? OK. I won’t guarantee the magic thing, but there is way in which that bathroom could be yours. It’s called basement bathroom and it could truly be the answer to all your bathroom . Interested in finding out more? Continue reading.

Small Basement Bathroom Ideas

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Here are some factors that you should take into consideration before building that basement bathroom. These pointers will help to plan good bathroom while effectively using the space and facilities available. There are several bathroom designs that have been provided for in the following section as well.

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Basement Bathroom Facilities

What are the kinds of products that you will be using in your bath? There might be high chance that the space available in the basement is not as large as that available in regular bathroom. In such case, you need to carefully choose your products for your . Why get an over-sized bathroom sink that will not only look out of place but also take up precious space? The same rule applies to the bath, cabinets, showers and anything else that you will be fitting into the bath. There are several products available these days in all sizes, which are especially designed, keeping in mind the limited space available. So choose all bathroom products that will fit this criterion. This is one of the best ideas for small spaces that you can bring into action.

Basement Bathroom Lighting

Small bath? Make sure it doesn’t look cramped and overbearing. How will you make it seem more spacious? One way is to focus on the bathroom lighting. The more the light, the bigger the bathroom will seem. Keep in mind that natural light might not trickle in as easily as it does in your home. You will need to get light fittings that help to illuminate the room and get rid of any dullness. Other than that, there are several other ways and techniques by which one can increase the amount of light that trickles into the bath. One can, for example, fit in glass walls for the shower area (translucent or semi-translucent) so that the light is not blocked but floods the entire room.

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Bathroom Colors and Paints

The choice of paints that one makes for the basement bathroom will have great influence on the space and the overall feel of the bath. One way for small space to seem bigger is to use simple trick – make use of light colors to paint the walls. Start with comparatively darker shades at the base and move towards lighter shades towards the ceiling. This will give it an illusion of being much larger room than it really is.

Elegant Small Basement Bathroom

Mirrors and Space

Nothing puts forth more convincing illusion of space. lot of designer bathroom mirrors fixed at strategic locations will help to open out the room and create more space. It will lead to an open feeling, rather than closed one. It is not even necessary that you go in for designer mirrors or the really fancy kind, all you need are mirrors that have been placed in such way that they capture the light and spread it around the room. Also, mirrors that are placed facing each other will always give it feeling of the room being huge.

Cabinet Space

Again, make sure that you do not put the bathroom cabinets where they will cut into the space of the bathroom. Maybe you could only build one cabinet which stores the essential toiletries, while the other excess toiletries like guest towels; soaps etc. could be stored in one of the cabinets in the main basement outside the bath. You can easily get these out when there are guests over. It’ll not only save space but also help open out the bath.

Black Cabinet Contemporary Basement Bathroom Ideas

Now that you have been given brief idea about some of the basement bathroom designs, you can easily take up this project and think of getting that dream bath.