Fantastic Granite Countertops to Remodel Your Kitchens

Homeowners can find something in almost any color of granite countertops for medium to high-budget remodels.

luxury kitchen granite countertop images

luxury kitchen images

Granite countertops have moved from dream-house luxury to a standard kitchen material within the past decade or two. The only question for many homeowners now is what color granite to buy for the new kitchen’s countertops. Do they want dark and shiny, warm and earthy, light and creamy, or bright and gaudy.

Granite countertops have a color and pattern of any style home, and a price for almost any budget.

Ornamental granite countertop picture

Ornamental granite countertop picture

The available colors of granite countertops range from the near-black of “Absolute Black” through the bright blue and rust abstract swirls of the aptly named “Van Gogh” to almost pure white. Mass-market retailers usually carry a small range of colors of granite in the most popular and affordable colors. If you want something different, you need to find a stone yard.

If you fall in love with budget-busting granite, consider using it for a very small, but prominent countertop and use an inexpensive coordinating color of granite for the remaining countertops. textures can be an almost uniform monochrome, salt and pepper speckled like the classic Rosa Beta, veined like marble, or wildly mottled like Harlequin.

Fantastic Granite Countertops to Remodel Your Kitchens

granite countertop kitchen design

If your home is traditional, use the classic speckled gray and beige , or the classic blacks, whites, and creams with slight veining. look good with granite countertops in the more such as Baltic Brown, the mottled Juperanas, Santa Cecilia, or even the pebble-filled Marinacce granites.

Granite Countertops

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