Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas for Various Rooms of Your House

Are you planning to remodel your house and looking for wainscoting ideas?

Wainscoting Panel Classic Raised Panel Staircase Ideas

Wainscoting Panel Classic Raised Panel Staircase Ideas

Wainscoting is nothing but the style of installing panels on the lower side of wall. This panel is installed above the and below the chair railing. The original purpose of installing wainscot panels was to protect the interior walls from rising dampness. But this was the problem in old houses which had poor damp-proofing for the walls. These days, wainscoting panels are used for mere decorative purposes.

Given below are some wainscoting ideas for various rooms of your house!

Wainscoting ideas Raised Panel Bathroom Design gallery

Wainscoting Ideas Raised Panel gallery

Using wainscoting for living room can bring to your home decor. There are various techniques and designs to install wainscoting in living room. You can have the color of wainscoting that will complement the color of the remaining portion of the wall. This is also one of the best wainscoting ideas for stairs in the living room.

Kitchen and dining room beadboard wainscoting with chair rail ideas

Kitchen and dining room with chair rail ideas

You can install beadboard wainscoting in bedroom or have customized design for wainscoting. You can choose dark color for wainscoting, so that it contrasts with the light colored walls and ceilings. Framed wainscoting is becoming trend and suits well for bedrooms. Bedroom wainscoting can also have stripes or over them.

Hot pink beadboard wainscoting for bedroom design

Hot pink beadboard wainscoting for bedroom design

Wainscoting in the kitchen completely depends on the of the kitchen. If you have kitchen island, then you can install wainscoting round the island. Choose any color and design that blends with other elements of the kitchen. If you want to use wainscoting in every element of the kitchen, then you can have cabinet doors designed in the style of wainscoting. Wainscoting ideas for dining room can be similar to those for kitchen. But, make sure the color of the dining table set matches with the wainscoting color.

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When it comes to remodeling the bathroom, wainscoting is great idea. Wainscoting gives traditional look to the bathroom and there are many ways to install these wall panels. Though white is the most popular color for wainscoting, you can use any color of your choice. Usually the colors used in bathrooms re cool colors, since they help to create relaxed atmosphere. Wainscoting in bathroom can be installed on walls, cabinets and vanities.

These were some wainscoting ideas for different parts of house. If you are completely new to wainscoting make sure you consult n expert and take appropriate steps to install the wainscoting. Happy Home Making!

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