Fantastic Wall Covering Ideas to Help You Think Up Innovative Ways to Transform Your Home

Are you on the lookout for wall covering ideas? This article will give you some options to consider.

Cool Wall Covering with Vetrina Glass Mosaic Tiles Design

Cool Wall Covering with Vetrina Design

Whether you’re redecorating or shifting into a new home, giving your walls a makeover can completely transform your living space. Many of us don’t think beyond the options of paint and when ; we head straight for shade cards and . However, there’s a world of options to consider as great wall covering ideas.

Listed below are some wall covering ideas that might help you think up innovative ways to transform your home.

Fantastic Wall Covering Ideas to Help You Think Up Innovative Ways to Transform Your Home

wall covering design

The most conventional of all the ways to cover walls, painting needs little introduction. There’s a plethora of options available in terms of color, shade and textures, to say nothing of finishes. Painting is also a great DIY option, which can help in cutting costs if you’re looking for cheap wall covering ideas. Make sure you read up on painting techniques and tips though, before you take on a project.

stylish luxury wall covering wallpaper design

stylish luxury wall covering wallpaper design

Papering your walls is another great way to stamp your personal style onto a space. Like paint, wallpapers come in myriad textures and finishes, and you’re more than likely to be spoiled for choice. Many people choose wall paper that they can match with their furniture or linen, to create a coordinated overall look that is pleasing to the eye. With new and innovative techniques in wallpapering and a slew of manufacturers to choose from, you can find wallpaper to suit any budget.

beautiful wall covering pink wallpaper design ideas

beautiful wall covering design ideas

You could consider paneling your walls, or creating a single wood paneled wall as a focal point in your room. If you’re unsure about using wood paneling for the entire wall, wainscoting is another option to consider. There are numerous wainscoting ideas that you can go through before you settle on a style that appeals the most. Wood covering ideas for wall also include using heavy grade adhesives to fix sheets of veneer as wall coverings. Most wall covering ideas which use wood are expensive, though, so this may not be a great solution if you have budget constraints.

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While giving walls a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any space, you need not restrict yourself to just painting, when thinking of wall covering ideas. Think of your wall as a blank canvas, that you can use to express your creativity and let yourself go. You may well be pleasantly surprised at the results!

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