Few Things To Consider Before Purchasing Mirror Bathroom Vanity

Before grabbing your checkbook here are a few things to consider and get the most out of your mirror .

Vanity Bathroom Mirror Picture

Vanity Picture

If you want to decorating or it is basically a given you will be heading into the stores focused on the difficult task of selecting a mirror bathroom vanity. In classic the mirror vanity was simply a place to prepare yourself for the upcoming day, but now it has become the opportunity to add function and style to your bathroom.

When selecting a mirror bathroom vanity that this is a fantastic opportunity to add value, style, and function.

luxury vanity framed bathroom mirror design

luxury vanity framed bathroom mirror design

Mirror vanity comes in literally hundreds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Determining the best style for your bathroom can be tedious and frustrating as you view these hundreds of ideas and have no possibility of actually viewing your space completed to get the best result.

Mirrors vanity is no longer just for reflections anymore, they are also very functional. Taking a look through the of your home décor store will quickly reinforce this as there are so many great features in mirror bathroom vanity.

Double framed mirror bathroom vanity design gallery

Double framed mirror bathroom vanity design gallery

The size of your mirror bathroom vanity will typically be dictated by the size (length) of your vanity countertop. A good rule followed by designers is at least 2 inches small in length than the vanity, and in most bathrooms could be more like 4 inches. This provides 1 to 2 inches on each side of the bathroom mirror and eliminates “the box” look that automatically cheapens the design of your entire space. A bathroom mirror should be no taller than your vanity and placed at least 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling.

Double Bathroom Vanity Sink Cabinet and Mirror

After determining the measurement that specifies how long your mirror is you must consider the height. If lighting is located directly above the mirror space then this must also be factored into the height of your mirror.

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Mirror Bathroom Vanity