Finding the Beautiful Types of Kids Wall Stickers

The different types of Kids Wall Stickers include a wide variety of themes.

Kids Wall Stickers

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While many children’s vinyl wall stickers are multi-colored and cartoon-like, there are also more elegant, monochromatic choices available. In addition to motif stickers, mural and chalkboard sticker designs are included in wall decoration options for kids.

Chalkboard wall stickers for children typically feature a colorful theme or motif such as music, robots or animals around a surface made for chalk. Kids can use chalk on these stickers, then erase their pictures or letters to reuse the surface. Some types of chalkboard wall stickers are just black silhouette shapes while others are more graphic.

Kids wall stickers are sold in sets of pieces in a specific theme.

The pieces are designed to turn a whole wall into a picture or scene. For instance, space stickers are likely to contain stars, planets, rockets, space ships and astronauts. A jungle mural sticker set often has vines, a swamp, trees and many assorted animals.

Licensed cartoon and are other types of wall stickers for kids. These are often sold in sheets rather than whole wall murals. Kids Wall Stickers that are based on popular may be murals, but they also tend to include book quotes. These quotes are often printed onto one large wall sticker in black in the same kind of writing style as they appear in the storybook. A whole passage or just one sentence may be included on a sticker.

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Alphabet letters are another type of sticker popular with kids and families. They are sold in different styles, sizes and colors to allow kids to spell their names on walls or make a sentence or two. Many families combine several kinds of Kids Wall Stickers such as the letters mixed with a theme set.

Wall stickers sold in colorful geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles and triangles are different from the picture or motif sticker varieties. These shapes are less detailed and designed to be used together in different combinations to create abstract wall art. Some geometric wall sticker packs also contain thin strips and designs to add inside and/or around the shapes to create more detailed walls.

Within popular themes such as nature and transportation, there are many different variations of kids wall stickers. For example, butterflies are a popular type of nature wall sticker for children’s rooms. The possible wall sticker kits range from giant-sized butterflies all in shades of pink to tiny butterfly motifs in an array of . Some transportation-themed wall sticker sets include many different transport types, while others focus on one kind such as airplanes.

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Kids Wall Stickers