Fireplace Living Room Design: Tips and Ideas for More Floor Space

Tips and ideas for more floor space with

Would you like to gain more space and storage space in your ? Here are some Fireplace Designs that are appropriate for such cases. Just around the fireplace the place is often not sufficiently used. This can be quickly and effectively changed using the following practical rules. They are usually easier to integrate than you might think.

Fireplace Living Room Design

Georgian – Holiday Themed Traditional Fireplace Design Collection by Astria

Do you have a living room with fireplace?

It may be that the wall chimneys with fireplace insides in comparison to the built-in more area, but at the same time they ensure a seamless look. This is of great importance in a small ambience. In addition, the fireplace inserts serve as shelter and laterally you can integrate shelves or other built-in units.

Focused on the Fireplace Mantels

With all fireplace , the design of the overlying wall is quite tricky. What always works well there are open shelves. Depending on the equipment, they can be given a completely different role in the room: on request, they disappear from sight or are particularly striking like .

DIY trolley for firewood

Before you begin designing the integrated floor space around the fireplace living room design, you should re-enter the entire housing design. The effort to set up the area around the fire site should be adapted to your real needs: Are two shelves or do you need much more space? Wide, but empty storage area is by no means the best solution.

Fireplace Living Room Design

Minimalist family room design in Los Angeles with a corner fireplace design

Do you really need additional space and how much?

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Consider different installation methods. There are different ways you can choose between. Built-in shelves, resp. Seating and storage areas can be installed in the wall. The other option is that they are placed in a panel that also encloses the fireplace.

Choose the appropriate installation method

What sort of order do you prefer, or which one is better for your fireplace living room design? You can make the installation units disappear into the background of the room design by making them totally symmetrical. If, however, the straight lines and clear shapes prevail there, you can create a momentum in the room through irregularly arranged furniture. Depending on what your current room design is requesting, you can handle it individually.

Fireplace Living Room Design

Modern Linear Fireplace modern home office design

Do you prefer a symmetrical or rather an asymmetrical arrangement?

If your fireplace has a base, you can also use the area between it and the floor effectively. There you can place materials you need for the fireplace.

For this part of the fireplace design, always keep a few steps in advance: Leave space for adjustment and extension.

Use of the area under the fireplace

The Mix & Match principle

The proven mix & match principle will be particularly helpful when setting up units within the fireplace design. Do not neglect this because it is often the best way to achieve a customized look.

Hide the storage room

If you prefer an absolutely clean look, you can of course also hide the storage space from the viewpoint. Closed cabinets help a lot more.

Fireplace Living Room Design

Trendy living room design in Devon with beige walls medium tone hardwood hanging fireplace ideas

Find the right materials

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The search for suitable materials and textures makes up a large part of the successful fireplace design. These should complement the rest of the interior furnishings or match them perfectly.

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Fireplace Living Room Design Ideas