General Category from Various Types of Washroom Basins Design

Washroom basins divided into three types categories; pedestal, countertop and wall mount basins.

Modern Bathroom Basin Design Ideas

Washroom basins are often some of the most underrated home decor accessories especially considering the of tasteful and attractive variants available. This often astounding selection of basins can be divided into three basic categories: pedestal, countertop, and wall mount. Each type is best suited to a specific set of washroom layouts, decor trends, and space allowances and is generally available in an almost endless range of individual variations.

Let we see the different from these types washroom basins.

Pedestal washroom basins sit on top of a vertical stand or plinth which is typically made of the same material as the basin itself. This type of arrangement may feature either basin or wall mounted faucets or mixers. Pedestal basin vary considerably from retro cast iron to highly futuristic and may incorporate square, rectangular, round, or oval basin shapes. Some pedestal designs incorporate splash-back valences and often include integral soap holders. The most common material used for pedestal basins is porcelain.

Countertop washroom basins are designed to fit on top of built-in washroom cabinets. This basin type falls into two subcategories: surface mounts and recessed. Surface mount countertop basins install on the cabinet top like a bowl while recessed examples are built into the top with their rims flush with the cabinet surface. These designs may consist of single or double basins and can accommodate basin or cabinet mounted faucets. The materials in this type of design vary considerable and include porcelain, marble, granite composites, glass, , or high .

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Wall mounted washroom basins are ideally suited to minimalist decor themes and . They mount directly onto the wall with no lower support and feature wall or basin faucet locations. Wall mounted basins typically adhere to no specific design trend and offer a large selection of shapes and sizes. Common materials used for wall mounted washroom basin include porcelain, granite composites, and glass.

Washroom Basins