General Suggestions to Help You Designing Classic Living Rooms

Classic living rooms can be one of the simplest decors to make.

Luxurious Red Antique Classical Living Room Sofa Set Furniture

Luxurious Red Antique Classical Sofa Set

Almost any type of furnishings, except for ultra-modern or very rustic, tends to work in the classic, or traditional, living style. The color scheme needs to be soft and the materials should have the look of elegance as well as comfort. Quality upholstery, fine hardwoods and sophisticated metal accents can be used to bring together classic living rooms style.

Antique furniture really tends to fit in well in classic living rooms.

Yellow classic furniture for living room design

Yellow classic furniture for living room design

Coffee tables may feature glass or straight lines, but to keep them from looking too modern, they should have some embellishment such as carving details or many drawers like an old-fashioned apothecary piece. This kind of works especially well in small spaces with a sofa bed, as pillows and blankets may be stored inside the trunk table; ottomans, or foot stools, that open to allow storage are also ideal in a classic .

Elegant Classic Living Rooms Furniture Set

Elegant Classic Living Rooms Furniture Set

When you want to make a classic type of living room, you should always use . Black plus a metallic color in smaller doses can add needed drama to the classic living rooms look, but the main tones should be soft. Along with soft neutrals, you could add subdued yet elegant looking shades of your favorite colors. A dusty blue with a pale pink may be preferred by some, while dusky red and a green of the same intensity could be another color combination option.

Classic living room furniture set gallery

An upholstered living room set with a sofa, loveseat and chair is classic seating. A soft-colored area rug with small pattern detailing, as well as a classic coffee table placed on top, can be ideal for arranging the living room furniture set around. One thing to avoid when making classic living rooms is to use too many pieces of furniture; the look should be detailed in trims and patterns, but not cluttered.

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Classic Living Rooms