Growing the Beautiful Flower Gardens to Attract the Birds

How to attract with flower gardens design? Find the answer in this post!

Beautiful flower gardens and bird gallery

gardens and bird gallery

When you design a flower gardens in your yard with the goal being to attract birds to your landscape, keep in mind that it’s not just the spring and summer season you want to consider. Many times, the seeds from provide a delightful feast for birds in autumn.

Beautiful flower gardens design ideas to create heaven of the birds.

flower garden to attract bird images

flower to attract bird images

One of the most obvious and easiest flower gardens to grow for the birds is the sunflower. You can enjoy it’s amazing beauty while it is in bloom. Then you can watch with delight as birds arrive to enjoy the seeds. Purple coneflower, cockscomb, cosmos and zinnia are good choices. The birds will enjoy the seeds from these flowers.

Growing the Beautiful Flower Gardens to Attract the Birds

Colorful flower garden pictures

Planting a wild flower mix is a good way to get a variety of flower gardens that the birds will appreciate. You have to keep in mind that once these flowers stop blooming, you need to leave them in place so that the birds can feast on the seeds.

Bird and yellow flower garden images

Bird and garden images

are attracted to flower gardens while they are in bloom. Cypress vine, hibiscus, hollyhocks, salvias, and shrimp plants are just a few suggested plants that will attract to your garden. You should also provide some nectar feeders for your in addition to growing flowers that they will enjoy.

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If you plan to grow perennials, check with your local cooperative extension service or a respected garden center to learn as much of your USDA hardiness zone and are more reliable perennial in your area.

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