Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Japanese Bed Frames

Traditionally, Japanese bed frames will be very simple and low to the ground.

Wooden Japanese Bed

The Japanese bed frames itself will usually be made from wood, though modern versions can also be made from metal. When choosing the Japanese bed frames that’s right for you, the first step you will need to take is measuring the space in which you intend to place the bed. Remember that such beds can be multi-purpose units, and it is possible to use the bed as sitting surface in room.

Decide what type of mattress you want to use in conjunction with the Japanese bed frames.

Japanese platform bed frame design

This will have an impact on the size of the frame, but it will also have an impact on the comfort level of the unit. Traditional Japanese beds use tatami mats instead of mattresses. Otherwise, you can stick with spring mattress or similar design, but it will be important to find out if the frame you are considering will accommodate such mattress. Box springs generally are not used on Japanese beds.

japanese bed frame bedroom gallery

Many do not feature or footboards, though other types of Japanese bed frame models do. Think carefully about whether you want , both for aesthetics and for function. Some headboards, for example, can provide comfortable surface if you intend to sit up in bed for reading; other headboards may feature drawers or shelves that you can use for storage of items commonly used before or after sleep.

Black modern Japanese bed frame picture

Think carefully about the type of frame material you want for your Japanese bed frames, as this will have an impact on the unit’s , cost, and aesthetic appeal. Oak and walnut are common woods used to make Japanese bed frames because these hardwoods tend to be exceptionally durable and attractive. These woods will be expensive, however, as hardwoods tend to be more expensive than softwoods and other materials such as steel.

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Japanese Bed Frames