Helpful Tips When Selecting the Right Front Yard Garden Plants

When choosing your front yard garden plants, the importance of planning ahead and doing your research cannot be overstated.

Colorful flowers front yard plats photos

Colorful flowers front yard plats photos

Carefully choosing front yard garden plants to accentuate your home can increase its , make the yard look more aesthetically pleasing, and can even make your home more eco-friendly if you choose your plants based on the geography of your local area. Some people, particularly in drier areas, choose to eliminate their front lawns altogether, and replace them with local plants such as cacti, which can save thousands of gallons of water every year.

First consider the way you your front yard to look, and the types of soil you have for front yard garden plants.

Front yard plants inspiration ideas

can look nice, but they generally require soil that is fairly moist. Hedges can provide privacy, but they also require regular pruning in order to keep them from growing too large. Vines are also very aesthetically appealing, but they need somewhere to grow and climb where they won’t crawl under the siding and cause it to crack or become damaged.

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Front yard herb garden plants picture

Front yard picture

All of these potential issues with different front yard garden plants can be prevented by simply planning ahead. Another one of the most important considerations is the height the plants will grow to. This can allow you to create visually interesting “tiers” of plants in the front yard landscaping by planting taller plants in the back and shorter or groundcover plants in the front.

Beautiful front yard plants garden design

Beautiful front yard plants garden design

Another helpful tip when selecting front yard garden plants is to do research on the plants that are native to your area. These will generally grow better and require less maintenance than if you select non-native plants. Occasionally the process of choosing front yard plants is a bit of trial and error over the seasons, but with some careful planning and research in advance, knowing the type of soil you have and the amount of sunlight the area gets, you will be much more likely to have a successful front yard area.

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