Hot Tub Decks: Simple and Easy Step to Do It Yourself

decks must be able to support the weight of , which is considerably large load.

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Before hot tub decks, however, the builder must consider few factors: first, do I building permit? Second, is the deck going to be built close enough to the proper power supply? And third, how is the hot tub going to be placed on the deck? This last question may affect the height and location of the deck within yard.

The hot tub decks must therefore be carefully constructed and supported properly by blocks and beams secured in the ground.

To build such hot tub decks, perfect square must be determined. Pound stakes into the corners of the square, then determine the center point of the square. This can be done by tying string around the perimeter, then crossing string across the opposite corner stakes. These stakes and the center stake will be the location of the concrete feet, as well as the centers between the corner stakes.

Next step build hot tub decks are dig holes at the stakes. This is where the concrete supports will be placed. The builder can pour concrete feet or buy pre-formed ones. If pouring concrete, the vertical beams can be added directly to the concrete, but they must be steadied at level. Pre-formed concrete blocks will have metal tabs that the beams can be affixed to. Sand should be laid beneath the feet for support and leveling.

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Once the feet are lain and the holes filled with earth for support, put the center post onto the center block. Measure the height, and cut the other posts to the same height. Lay those posts then lay beam across to make sure they are level. Once the level has been determined, secure the beam to the posts and the posts to the blocks. Repeat this process with the outer posts and beams. At this point, measure the diagonals to ensure the proper positioning of the beams.

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