How To Decorate A Youthful Bedroom

Let’s see how to decorate a youthful bedroom according to the latest ideas that we discovered at the Cologne and Milan Fairs. An inspiring environment that helps them realize their full potential.youth bedroom

Juvenile and child rooms are always one of my favorite parts of any home. Usually, we let the imagination fly, we draw color and even allow ourselves to be creative. Today we are going to be inspired to know how to decorate a youth room according to the latest ideas that we have seen in the Fairs of Cologne and Milan. Because the rooms for children and young people are also renewed and are filled with new proposals, new colors, wallpapers… to become an inspiring environment that helps them to develop their full potential.

How to Decorate a

youthful bedroomIt is known that every day we have less space at home so we seek to make the most of space and children’s rooms were not going to be less. In this case, most ideas lead to make the most of the space up, put the beds up and take advantage of the area below for study and storage. More and more this type of furniture can be if you have little space. And they are fun and original.

Perhaps because a large part of the population lives in apartments, children’s trains are constant although with many variants and options according to your needs, the age of the child or children, how many occupants will have the room if we prefer more storage space or a study area. The options are so many that it is impossible not to find a solution whatever your problem. If you have a few meters, a train can be a way for children to have everything they need both now and when they grow up. And for the little ones they include fun accessories for beds that become authentic forts or palaces.

Another idea on how to decorate a youth room that we have seen most in Milan have been the air racks that besides giving us an for books, toys, photos… help us to give a very modern and fun air to the nursery or juvenile. They are very useful and at the same time decorate creating on the wall designs with a lot of and strength. You will not need anything else for a fantastic room! And more if you combine some of the colors more seen as grays and ivory with yellow. Success sure!youthful bedroom

Within this idea of ​​making the most of the space, the beds also have more and more storage options. The idea is to make them taller so that below we can include drawers, shelves and even an extra bed for when friends come home. A formula that is becoming more and more imposed by all the options of storage without losing design or comfort. Because as they grow each time they will need more space, this is one of the perfect ways to give it to you.

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But we have also seen in the last fair many options of shelves or tables that allow us to separate spaces and give more privacy to the rest area making the most of the meters of the room. These areas of study that also offer us possibilities of being used by both sides, with a magnetic part to be used as a plank to hang notes, I just love! Or desks that make at the same time of head or side of the bed. What do you think? Different distributions not to finish in the same of always.

Spaces in full color

youthful bedroomAnother of the novelties that we have liked more about how to decorate a youth room has been to take full advantage of the possibilities of color in the furniture and to combine different colors in the same composition. Not just two or three colors as you usually do if you do not go one step further. In this image, we also see the option of combining open shelves with drawers so that everything is not in sight and even placing a study table also hanging that will occupy less space visually. And all with a touch of fun and dynamic color, we love it!

With this idea, we can create very special spaces, such as cupboards full of color that unfold when opened in contrast with the rest of the structure. For example, a white wardrobe inside is an intense pink. But also the beds with multi-drawers that allow us to put each drawer of color and create compositions full of colorful and fun, according to the taste of each! Or even an air shelf in which each piece is a color and that brings much fun to the nursery, do not you think?

Very fun beds for the little ones

youth roomFor the little ones, the proposals on how to decorate a youth room fill with imagination and turn their rooms into play areas. From the beds that dress with all kinds of complements to become shelters, forts or castles to compliments like swings or hanging sacks where to sit to read. Spaces adapted to your age and designed to make you feel at ease and enjoy them not only as a sleeping area but also as a play area, reading, relaxing…

How small would not it be nice to have a swing in your room! For both the younger and older, there are plenty of solutions to give you more everyday spaces adapted to your age.

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Large size beds for the elderly

youth roomIn the youth quarters, however, we adapt to their growing needs. That’s why beds grow in size up to 1.20 or even 1.50 if there is enough space. And is that when children grow their space needs also do and a good bed will help them in their daily rest and in their performance throughout the day and all their activities. The wardrobes also grow in size, without losing the touch of color and fun, but already adapted to their new age where clothes become essential and increasingly accumulate more. What I would have given for having a room like that!


youthful bedroomWe have been talking about colorful rooms, worse… how to decorate a youth room? In colors, we find everything from roses to reds passing through greens, blues, lilacs…. But gray is still the fashionable base color although the classics like white and wood are kept. One of its combinations is with pink quartz for the most feminine and sweet rooms. Beautiful!

Gray can give us many combinations because it is one of those neutral colors that combines virtually everything. One of the unions we have seen most is gray and yellow. And is that the citrus colors are back in fashion, especially the yellow in all its versions. A perfect match for a youth bedroom, do not you think?youth bedroom

It is one of the colors that we have been able to see with more force in the fair of Milan and we love it. In baby or child rooms mixed with white, raw and wood tones for a smooth and very relaxed result. A combination of light and full of life but at the same time sweet. More if we use some white paper with yellow drawing like this big tops paper so nice. A yellow wall will give the perfect touch of color along with some accessories. Simply ideal!

Also, the orange returns to take force and appears in many compositions also usually combined with grays. And again we see the aerial shelves that we have already talked about and that we like so much. The orange is a color full of strength and vitality and looks great combined with gray, white and black as in this option. It is one of the classics that never happens in juvenile dormitories.


youthful bedroom wallpaperAnother fashionable aspect regarding how to decorate a youth room is the wallpaper. So now it is filled with wallpaper with all kinds of prints from animals to trees to robots or stars. There is no limit to the imagination of the little ones and there is no limit to the wallpapers we can find, from the most babies to the juveniles. And also in all colors and types of prints. It will be difficult to decide! If we also use a contracted color, such as that red, we will create a very intense effect or we can choose a paper with a clear or neutral background if we prefer a sweeter effect.

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Also in blue tones, we find many options to combine papers and walls with color. From baby rooms to juvenile daring with geometric prints that are so fashionable still. Dare to put them in the youth room and you will not regret it. A modern and modern youth room.

In youth, we also find many graffiti walls or large murals that occupy a whole wall and give a casual and original air to your room. Also, the finishes like the slate walls still have their space, in small and older, as well as decorating are a fun idea for children’s and juvenile rooms. Surely you will benefit them!


youthful bedroomTo finish with the latest news on how to decorate a youth room we enter the decoration, where we find many pennants and hanging borders to decorate the rooms of the smallest, in a multitude of colors and combinations. The classic pennants are back in full day and now you will find many different colors, with letters, with drawings…. But also all kinds of borders that you can make yourself and make part of the decoration of your bedroom. And nothing easier than renewing it when you get tired.

Another good solution is the moodboard or inspiration boards that now also occupy the children’s rooms stuck directly to the wall, without a board. Footprints with a thread or with washi tape colors come to decorate and inspire the youngest of the house with phrases, drawings, photos… everything fits into a moodboard and is a way to enhance their creativity. But if you prefer that the walls are not marked, get yourself a grid or a perforated panel and you will have the perfect solution so you can let your imagination fly without destroying the wall.

And so far the review of everything we have seen in recent months on how to decorate a youthful bedroom and childlike room. Many combinations and ideas so you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs and tastes. And what do you like the most? I already long ago decided that gray was one of my favorite colors for juveniles although I always try to combine it with more vivid tones that give it a more fun touch. And you bet for the gray? Or do you prefer white? And what about the walls? Of course, there are so many options of wallpapers that every time I have to decorate a new youth space I give a thousand laps, they are all so beautiful and fun…. I await your comments and ideas. Happy decor!