How to Design the Perfect Master Suite Addition

Master suite additions are more than just a renovation project. And the ability to create a serene private retreat for the owner of the house that will provide a place to collect your thoughts and spend quality time with your significant other.

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Designing Master Suite Addition

Expanding an existing master bedroom into a master suite takes planning and there are several options to create a seamless expansion. A master suite should have its own bathroom. Make an existing part of the master bathroom will save you time and headaches, because the plumbing will not need to be moved.

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Bathrooms in master suite addition can use the skylight to bathe more light while preserving privacy. Other ideas might include double sink room, a large tub and separate walk-in shower. The shower should be oversized and, where space permits, additional jets in the shower can be a nice addition. Adding a tile that compliments the new vanity, and adding tile accents around windows will pull the room together. Floor heating in the bathroom keeps the card, which can be very cold, a constant temperature.

Integrations master suite addition often means a bigger room area. A reserve chamber can be absorbed into the new master suite or an addition to the room could be laid over an existing porch. If neither option is possible, even the addition of a large window with a window seat can make the room feel much larger.

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Some thought should be given to storage in the master suite addition. A fireplace surrounded by built-in shelving creates a feeling of luxury and plenty of space to display beloved treasures. A flat-screen TV or a favorite work of art could be hung above the fireplace to fill the area.

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A dressing room is a must for a suite. If space allows, it can be considered as his and her walk-in. Inside the walk-in, adding shelves, drawers and other storage options will be extremely functional cupboards. The other advantage is that they cupboards eliminate the need for belief in the master bedroom. This keeps the floor plan and open and airy layout.

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Master suite addition are a way to create an oasis in the middle of a busy home. An oversized bathtub, walk-in and a small seating area transform a room into a paradise.