How to Have Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Simple Modern -Usually, a part of new kitchen is most costly purchases for houses and apartments. In order to equip the kitchen in a modern and functional way, the average people usually gives more money than setting up the remaining rooms. In addition, it takes several years until the kitchen is renewed. The statistics say that the average citizen in his life buys three kitchens.

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern high gloss work table play design oval

This should be reliable and robust, so that it can withstand 20 years and more without difficulty. The quality and then the choice of models, colors and materials play an important role in the decision-making process.

Simple , rural or industrial design – What is your style?

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern white handleless wood parquet flooring

The planning of the new kitchen is to be well thought out, because the design possibilities are almost infinite and today in this room is not only worked, but above all accustomed. When designing the wall-mounted living room, the style and furnishings of the remaining rooms should be considered. The wall-mounted living room occupies the design of the remaining rooms. The kitchen of today no longer has to be practical and functional, but also beautiful and handsome.

Simple modern kitchen designs – the dream of many people

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

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Sometimes you have a certain arrangement of the kitchen already in the planning, but it is always a good idea to gather more inspiration and inspiration. These must, however, relate to the concrete spatial situation as closely as possible and be realistic. Extras, such as lacquer fronts, glass surfaces, handleless and energy-efficient kitchen appliances, are constantly growing in demand and make the kitchen a static symbol. As a representative survey conducted by the Future Institute and sponsored by Siemens suggests, a great kitchen is more important than the car. This modern, but helpful design, is today regarded as an investment in the long term.

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Dream kitchen is the simple modern kitchen designs

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern playful equipment high quality gray wood

Since each room has its own dimensions, only custom-made furniture fits perfectly and no valuable space is given away. Likewise, a kitchen, modern and made to measure, offers the maximum storage space available. Individually, functional pull-out cabinets can be planned in dead corners instead of small compartments or open shelves. As a custom manufacturing works, learn from this page. In addition, a wide variety of basic shapes are available for simple modern kitchen designs. Which is the right one for you and also takes into account the architectural conditions and characteristics, depends on your own preferences as well as on the life situation.

U-shaped modern kitchen and functional design

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

U-Shaped Kitchen modern oblong gray white tile kitchen wall

The characteristic shape of the U-kitchen makes the room optimal and takes up 3 of four walls. Therefore it is not always possible to integrate a dining area. It is extremely functional and provides sufficient working space and space. This way, many ergonomic aspects are taken into account and the work routines and processes of the housewife are significantly reduced. Many of the cabinets that are designed in this form can quickly convey a struck feeling. In a purely visual way, the universities look better on one side or in the corners.

and practical plan – A corner kitchen

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

L-Shaped Kitchen modern corner kitchen wood small functional light

For an L-kitchen there is always space, regardless of the architectural conditions, so it is known as an all-rounder. The arrangement of the corner kitchen allows for the shortest distances between the working steps and there is enough space left to place a dining table with seating possibilities. Often it happens that a dead corner arises at the 90-degree angle of the L-shape. This can be avoided by efficient cabinet systems, so that unnecessary storage space is lost.

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A and at the same time rural

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

G-Shaped Kitchen modern living style modern white light

The G-kitchen offers maximum functionality and is therefore perfect for multi-headed families. However, it requires a rather large kitchen area – 12 square meters and is the ideal solution for an open floor plan. This form is versatile and can be designed individually. It appears to be a perfect base for the dream kitchen as many aspects of modern kitchen construction, such as a kitchen island or kitchen counter, are finally possible.

Simple modern kitchen designs with island plans

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern island wood floor white high gloss

The are among the most popular forms. The trend for kitchen kitchens is characterized above all by the increasingly open ground plan planning of the new buildings, where there is a demand for a smooth transition into the living space. If the space provides the required space of 15 square meters, numerous variants are available for a sophisticated kitchen planning. The island itself can be flexibly combined with other kitchen shapes or playfully with other cabinets, for example a series of stand-alone cabinets. If a radius of movement of less than 80 centimeters is available for the walkways, you can plan a peninsula as an alternative.

Simple modern kitchen designs, but purposeful conceive – kitchen to measure for more storage space

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern plan storage shelf functional practical

In small apartments, there is often a lack of storage space, but also mini kitchenettes do not have to do without modern and comfortable equipment. The most important thing is no place to give away, but to optimize the existing one. This works best with cabinets to measure to room height. This creates additional storage space where conventional standard solutions are not sufficient. Sliding doors are also saving space, since conventional hanging doors require a large area of movement in front of the cabinets.

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Simple modern kitchen designs and sustainable made of high-quality materials

Simple Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen modern white handleless wood parquet wood country house dark beige stainless steel

The high quality of a kitchen begins with the right choice of material and processing. State-of-the-art production processes and a material thickness of at least 19 millimeters guarantee maximum load capacity and also a long service life. By clever kitchens planning and furniture to measure, the best of the spatial situation is drawn, as well as not a millimeter is wasted more.