How to Paint and Design Small Bathroom Color Schemes

Well chosen small bathroom color schemes can make it look attractive and feel as comfortable as large bathroom.

How to Paint and Design Small Bathroom Color Schemes

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Today, taking bath is no longer considered daily ritual one has to finish off before rushing to work. These days, bathing has become means to relax, unwind and calm one’s mind and body after grueling day at work! That’s why, while interior decorating, lot of stress is laid on as well.

When it comes to bathroom designing, one can do lot of creative things if the size of the bathroom is pretty decent or large. However, designing and painting small bathroom is always problem. If you go even wee bit over the top with your paint or design choice, small bathroom can start looking cramped! That’s why; pay lot of attention when selecting bathroom color schemes for small bathrooms.

Tips on Choosing Small Bathroom Color Schemes

How to Paint and Design Small Bathroom Color Schemes

Modern small bathroom design with glass shower stall in purple wall color schemes

Light Colors

It is common sense that dark colors can make any space look small, while lighter colors can give the illusion of much larger space. So, when selecting for small bathrooms, go in for light, pastel or neutral shades. Pink, light blue, warm green, gray, skin color, and lilac, these are some of the choices that you have for painting small bathrooms. These bathroom paint colors will give it very airy, relaxed and calm feel, thus enhancing your bathing experience. To know about the latest bathroom painting trends, you may go to paint colors for bathrooms described below.

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Sans White

When choosing small bathroom color schemes, avoid white. Although, white is supposed to be the coolest color, yet it can make the walls look bare. Since you want your bathroom to look as pleasing and attractive as any other room in your house, this is one of those color ideas for small bathrooms that should be foregone!

How to Paint and Design Small Bathroom Color Schemes

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Receding Ceiling

If you want to “open up” the space in your bathroom, one of the creative bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms is to paint the ceiling in reflective color such as sky blue. Light blue gives the illusion of sky and thus, the ceiling looks more receded than it actually is. Another idea is to faux paint clouds with white and gray color on the ceiling. This helps in adding “space” to the small bathroom.

Complementary Accessories

For small spaces, the small bathroom color schemes and accessories such as towels, curtains, dustbins, soap dispensers should be in complementary colors. Too much contrast can make the accessories stand out and lend the bathroom space congested look. The same goes for tile colors as well. Preferably, have the tiles of the same color as the wall paint. This way, the division between them will be blurred or not so obvious, giving your bathroom large, spacious feel. good idea is to create “layering” effect in the bathroom by using different tones of the same color for the accessories, tiles and wall paint colors. You may further go to bathroom ideas for small spaces.

How to Paint and Design Small Bathroom Color Schemes

Dark Wall Color Schemes in Small Bathroom Designs

Decor Ideas

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Besides appropriately selecting small bathroom color schemes, to lend space to the bathroom, some other useful small bathroom design ideas that you can use are – hanging large on one of the walls so that it reflects backlight, getting door that slides into the wall instead of the regular one, having pedestal sink, doing away with the bathroom accessories that are unnecessary and can be stored inside and using lighting in the bathroom cleverly so that it makes it look large.

As you can see, by carefully selecting small bathroom color schemes, you can do wonders to add to its look. One last tip before I sign off – When it comes to decorating and painting small bathrooms, subtlety is the key!

Small Bathroom Color Schemes