Illuminate the Outdoor Area Using Decorative Outdoor Lantern Lighting

Outdoor Lantern Lighting is one of the most popular choices for decorative .

Outdoor lantern lights fixture

Outdoor lantern lights fixture

Lanterns are frequently used to illuminate the entrance of a home, on decks and porches, and along driveways and pathways. Beyond the aesthetics of the lantern, the main characteristics that distinguish different types of Outdoor Lantern Lighting fixtures are the mounting and installation options, the durability of the materials, and the . Decorative low lanterns can often be installed by a homeowner who enjoys do-it-yourself projects.

There are hundreds of different sizes and styles of Outdoor Lantern Lighting made from different materials and with different decorative finishes.

lantern outdoor lighting pictures

lantern pictures

Exotic lanterns luxury outdoor lighting design

Exotic lanterns luxury outdoor lighting design

Outdoor Lantern LightingOne of the most important considerations when it comes to different mounting and installation options for outdoor lantern light is location. Wall-mounted lanterns are often placed next to the main entrance of the home, on one or both sides of the front door. Lanterns installed at ground level or higher up on a post are ideal for illuminating driveways or other pathways. Other options include ceiling mounts for porches, gazebos, covered decks, and covered , and pier mounts for installing lanterns along fences.

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Outdoor lantern lighting is usually illuminated by low-wattage light bulbs, and it is very important to select a bulb that has been designed for outdoor use. There are a number of different styles of bulbs to choose from, including incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and LED bulbs. The type of bulb and the wattage will directly affect the energy usage of the fixture, as well as the amount of illumination it provides. Solar-powered lanterns are popular choices for energy efficiency, and battery-powered options are popular for their ease of installation.

Lanterns designed for short-term uses like outdoor parties are often made of paper. Luminaries are paper lanterns that are filled with sand and lit by a candle. Extreme caution should be exercised when candles are used for outdoor lantern lights, and small are often used in luminaries as a safer alternative to the traditional candles.

Outdoor Lantern Lighting