Important Factors about Wing Chairs You Should to Know before Choosing One for Your Rooms

Wing chairs is upholstered chair with high back and very large side armrests, along with wings which surround the sides of the head and of someone seated in the chair.

Exotic green seat design

Many people associate wing chairs with luxurious, refined homes, as these large chairs tend to dominate smaller and less well designed spaces. The partially enclosed design of the wing chair is meant to provide insulation from drafts, and also to trap heat from fireplaces and sunny windows.

The seat of wing chairs is typically designed with springs to make it more comfortable.

queen wing back mirrors rustic chic wing chair design

Several features define wing chairs. The high back is essential, along with the enclosing . In addition, wing chair must be fully upholstered. Leather, silk, cotton, velvet, damask, and variety of other materials may be used to upholster wing chair, and these textiles can be patterned or left plain, depending on the taste of the chair designer.

Chesterfield High Back Wing

Because wing chairs are so large and distinctive, they can be very disruptive to the design scheme of room, especially since they are not nearly as common in modern design as they once were. Integrating wing chair or set of such chairs into room design requires careful work, and it generally requires somewhat old fashioned theme. Tools like can help to soften the look of wing chair.

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Some modern design firms offer “wing chairs” which have no wings. Such chairs could more accurately be termed side chairs, as side chair has high back and no arms. Wingless wing chairs do at least share the trait of being upholstered, often in very modern textiles which are designed to emphasize the sleek, clean lines of the chair. These chairs mesh better with more modern design schemes than true wing chairs.

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Wing Chairs