Important Factors to Consider when Designing Cottage Kitchens

Due to the fact that cottage kitchens design are small they usually have a floor plan that is fresh and open.

The cottage kitchen look can be created by the use of white distressed, stained and butcher-block surfaces around the kitchen, striped vintage towels and dishcloths, an old clock, or displaying plates on above a window or doorway. The cottage kitchens design conjures up images of a room light and airy, charming and casual. The mood is always relaxed, unassuming, and casual. Simplification is the prominent feature of the cottage kitchens.

The cottage kitchens design is also known for floors that are bare with the exception of an occasional throw rug.

white kitchen cabinets country cottage ideas

cabinets country cottage ideas

Furnishings in cottage kitchens design can include furniture made from pine, or maple. Furniture detailing is an important element of the cottage style. Furniture can be white painted, or lacquered, can include also such features as curved legs on base cabinetry, and old fashioned moldings around cabinets and tables. Or a large work table that can also be a dining space for the family. Pieces can include a farmhouse style kitchen table with beech spindle style chairs.

Important Factors to Consider when Designing Cottage Kitchens

Elegant white furniture cottage style kitchen design

Paint can be used to create cottage kitchens design. The wood flooring can be painted a bold color. Walls can be painted with warm yellows or blues that can be coordinated with the tones and colors of the kitchen cabinets, , window treatments and other accents in the kitchen. To be able to create the cottage feel for you kitchen you need to look at accessories such as house wares, linens, and furnishings you will choose for your kitchen.

Awesome decoration cottage country kitchens models

Awesome decoration cottage country kitchens models

It takes time to create cottage kitchens design. You can not simply find the cottage style all at one time and in one store. The kitchen must look as if it slowly took on this look over a period of time to achieve a more collected look.

Cottage Kitchens

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