Important Factors to Help You Create Feng Shui Living Room

To create feng shui living room, start by rearranging your furniture so that it frames the area, keeping the center wide open.

Contemporary Feng Shui living room layout design

Vertical blinds or crystal objects placed in front of window can deflect bad energy from entering the room, and switching out your lighting so that you no longer need to use overhead styles can make the area feel more peaceful. After you’ve done all of this, clear the room of , photographs, and artwork. Then, choose only items that you love and bring you joy to put back in the room, getting rid of or storing the rest.

One of the most basic principles of feng shui living room is arranging the large pieces of furniture so that energy flows evenly in, around, and out of the living room.

Trendy Elegant Feng Shui and Decoration Ideas

To do this, relocate all of your larger, tall pieces to the of the room, arranging it so that any corners are rounded off by placing piece diagonally in corner. This helps to prevent energy from getting “stuck” as it works through the room. If possible, keep the centers of the space empty or only place low laying tables, rugs, or plants in this area. When arranging furniture, keep in mind that feng shui living room has as much natural light as possible; therefore, you should avoid blocking any windows.

Even if you only have one small window in your living room, it plays large role in the feng shui of the area. No matter how carefully you design the space to allow for smooth flow of energy, windows can let bad energy into your home. To deflect this, use vertical blinds as , as these are believed to prevent from getting into the room. If this is not your style, you can place crystal objects, such as bowls, vases, or select few , in front of the window for protection.

feng shui small living room decor designs

Overhead lighting should be avoided when creating feng shui living room. Lights pointing down on person’s head are typically harsh and detriment to energy flow. While you don’t have to remove any existing lights, place plenty of table or floor lamps around the room so that you do not have to utilize the existing ceiling lighting. Ideally, you should have one lamp that directs light towards the ceiling, as this is believed to help to prevent feelings of claustrophobia; however, if you have very tall ceilings, avoid having any lights pointing upwards, as this is thought to cause energy to become trapped.

feng shui living room synchronicity living room design

While there are several different things that you can do with your room in regard to color choices or elemental features, reducing the clutter in the space is essential when creating feng shui living room. Although there is no limit to how many objects that you can have in the room, you should generally stick to pieces that bring you and others joy. To finish creating feng shui living room, removing every object from your space, excluding lighting and furniture, and then only put pieces back in the room that are beautiful and joyful. Fill in any spaces with wide-leaf plants, and store any lackluster or depressing artwork or pieces elsewhere, or get rid of them entirely.

Feng Shui Living Room

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