Important Information when Planning to Build Garden Apartments

Garden apartments are living units located at ground level on property that is usually landscaped.

exotic front yrad garden apartment ideas

exotic garden apartment ideas

Although the term garden apartment is often used loosely to describe any first floor apartment such as one in a high rise or basement, a true garden apartment has no household above it. Garden apartments are not vertically stacked, but rather horizontally spread out in an open area that may have a courtyard. Garden apartments are found all over the world.

Many garden apartments have one or two bedrooms, but some may have three or even more.

Venice garden apartment gallery

Venice garden apartment gallery

A garden apartment rented for vacation use is furnished, while one rented out long-term is often unfurnished. There may be one or two stories to the apartment and the entrance could be off of a street or a courtyard. The common garden area may include a swimming pool or other outdoor amenities such as a basketball or . Some garden apartment complexes have a clubhouse or spa.

upper garden apartment design

Attractive garden apartments have well cared-for grounds with flowers and trees. The owners of the are responsible for the upkeep of the outdoor areas. If an area for dogs is included, then tenants are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Some garden apartments may include a small yard, but most have a patio. A garden apartment patio can be a nice place to have a barbecue or outdoor meal or just enjoy some fresh air if the grounds are well maintained.

Front yard Garden Apartments photos

Front yard Garden Apartments photos

A walk-up apartment is a type of garden apartment that has an outdoor . The apartment may be located on top of a parking garage. Tenants often have a designated parking spot in the garage in which to park their vehicles. The parking places are likely to be numbered for easy identification.

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