Important Things You Should to Know about Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are range hoods that hang over a range that is set into the island of a kitchen.

small kitchen island range hood models

Due to the location of the island, island range hoods can present a problem. If the homeowner wants to use a vented range hood, the island range hood must be located close to an exterior wall or window. Most islands are located on the interior of the kitchen, however, which means that the range hood must be ductless.

Island range hoods that are ductless will not sweep stale kitchen air outside of the home.

Red kitchen cabinets range hood island design

Red range hood island design

A ductless range hood works by filtering the air in the kitchen. The filters in the range hood will either be made of a material that can be replaced, such as , or a material that can be cleaned, such as . It is important that the filters be replaced or cleaned regularly; otherwise the island range hood will be forced to work harder, shortening its .

copper range hood kitchen island gallery

hood kitchen island gallery

Another consideration that you should think about when for island range hoods is how the range hood will look in your home. If your island is located between the kitchen and dining room, be aware that low-hanging island range hoods will obscure your view of others in the dining room while you are in the kitchen. If you do a good deal of entertaining, a range hood that does not hang low would make a better choice.

small kitchen island classic range hoods picture

small kitchen island classic range hoods picture

If you decide that an island range hood is not for you, consider a down draft vent. These are set beside the range and pull the kitchen air in and filter without taking up any space overhead. The down draft vent is built into the base cabinet. The decision between island range hoods and down draft vents is a matter of personal preference. Both are excellent choices to clean the air and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

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Island Range Hoods