Installing Replacement Windows To Give Your Home New Looks

Replacement windows are one of the best ways to improve the home’s ability to maintain a .

Installing replacement windows in your home may improve its appearance, raise your home’s value, and save on energy.  It is a somewhat difficult process and takes about four hours per window, depending on whether or not you are changing sizes, but can be completed by any homeowner. The benefits are numerous and the appearance and weatherization should make installing replacement window very worth your time and money.

Installing replacement windows most importantly requires good measurements.

replacement window glass design

replacement design

Installing replacement windows requires good measurements, most importantly.  How to measure for replacement window is a science.  You measure the width and then you measure the height.  Miscalculating these numbers can cost you valuable time and energy so measure very carefully.  You measure from the inside and measure the bottom, middle, and top.

Installing replacement window design ideas

Installing replacement window

Next, remove the old window and begin the replacement window installation process.  First remove the stops with the tool of your choice.  Some people keep them so they can use them for the replacement windows. Then remove the parting beads (if any) and the sash.

Exterior Replacement Window Ideas

Finally, it is time to begin installing the replacement windows.  Use the detailed installation instructions that came with your windows! Clean the frame, caulk the frame, and install your window.  Make sure it is flush and tap in the shims.  Most people don’t tap them in all the way because they may need to be removed later.  Screw in the mounting screws at the bottom and top, close any gaps by moving the header up, test the window, and apply the final caulking.

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Your installed replacement windows will be beautiful and energy efficient.  Taking only a few hours, it produces long lasting results. A relatively easy job, installing replacement window is a great way to improve a room and add value to your home.

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