Keep the Air in Closet Stay Fresh with Installing Louvered Closet Doors

Louvered closet doors are cover the front of closets.

bifold closet door with louvers over raised panel gallery

Louvered closet doors are usually made of wood and have rows of slats. The slats are angled to have open vents to let air into the closet without allowing the stored clothing or other items to be visible while the doors are closed. Commonly, louvered doors are bi-fold, which means each door is made up of two hinged panels.

Bi-fold louvered closet doors may be used individually on small space, but are usually installed in one or more pairs.

Each bi-fold door can then be opened separately to access part of the closet or together to open up the whole space. Since louvered doors feature smooth frame around or in the middle of the slats of wood, they are nicely detailed and can look much more attractive than their standard, plain .

The are either fixed or operable. Operable means that, similar to , the or slats can be adjusted by hand to stay open or closed. Fixed stile louvered closet doors are much more common; they’re non-adjustable and designed to remain open. While some louvered doors feature an allover stile pattern along with the rails, others have only on either the upper or lower half of each closet door.

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As an alternative to ready-made, bi-fold louvered doors, Hollywood sliders are a popular option for homeowners who wish to hire to fit and install them. Hollywood sliders are sliding louvered closet doors that may be white or natural wood finish.

Louvered Closet Doors