Kitchen Makeovers Small Kitchens: Maximizing Space With Furniture, Cabinets And Lights

Kitchen Makeovers Small – It’s easy to turn your kitchen into a functional place that is full of style and personality. If your kitchen is a bit small, make it feel more spacious and comfortable with these decorating ideas and cooking the kitchen lighting.

Kitchen Makeovers Small Kitchens

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The most kitchens benefit with the addition of an island. When the is at a premium, choose a tiny kitchen island with open storage below to make your kitchen spacious feel, while providing adequate working space and space for storing kitchen essentials. Maximize space kitchen island with smart ideas like a towel and hooks. Install a towel bar on one side of the small island for towels or install hooks to hold spatulas and handy kitchen.


Ideas Kitchen Makeovers Small Kitchens are all about making the most of the space you have. When choosing furniture, look for those that double as preparation and dining room. An antique table can be a good alternative to a small island and an island of butcher block kitchen can be paired with bar stools to form a casual dining.

Kitchen makeovers small kitchens ideas include intelligent use of color to open a small kitchen area. Neutral colors and light, like the pastels are a great choice for a small kitchen. You can use these colors to create a theme for your kitchen decor. White and pastels, for example, are a good choice for the design of a chalet-style kitchen. You can also add a touch of color in the kitchen most of the time with neutral colored tableware, porcelain and vintage art.

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Open shelves, cabinets and open the front glass cages are excellent ideas for Kitchen Makeovers Small Kitchens because this type of storage creates a sense of space. It offers plenty of space for pots and pans without much visual weight. Open storage can be coupled with texture baskets, glass containers and bins for great visual impact. The baskets help add texture and color to the kitchen, while the glass containers to keep everything neatly on display.

Every inch of space account when organizing a small kitchen. The unused space next to the fridge is ideal for pinning shopping lists, coupons, family photos and calendars to an array of framed cork. Paint the frame the same color as the rest of the walls so that it blends with the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen lighting ideas to play an important role in small kitchen decor. Hanging lamps help cooking style glam quotient and function as decorative accents. Install a row of lamps hanging above the island provide lots of task lighting for work preparation and eating. Mix and match these lights with recessed lighting along the perimeter of the kitchen and under-cabinet lights and recessed for the front glass cabinets. These ideas kitchen lighting helps to illuminate every corner of your kitchen space, making it brighter and create the illusion of space.

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Kitchen Makeover Small Kitchen ideas

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